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The Foundation

Giving back

The Neo Native Foundation is the charitable arm of Neo Native Ltd, the company behind The Ghanaian Language School. 


In 2009 husband and wife team Naomi & Ben Fletcher set up a company with the aim of preserving and promoting African heritage and culture.


The Ghanaian Language School, their pilot project was launched 1st, and since then they have also been involved in various community projects and translation jobs for a number of industries - ensuring the correct interpretation of African languages in text and speech in the media and on corporate projects too. 


Our why

After losing a family member and adviser to the director's board - the Neo Native Team decided it was time to do more. More of the above but also set up a foundation to help disadvantaged people of African heritage around the world. 


The Neo Native foundation has been launched to do just that. 


Any money donated to the foundation will go towards all highlighted in orange below: 


Our Commitment 


To continue to bring Africa to the world through language and cultural based  initiatives 


To educate individuals, parents and children from the diaspora and beyond on the rich cultural heritage of the continents within Africa 


To provide employment for Africans in the diaspora and Africa


To provide free places on our programmes  each year for children who cannot afford it, but would benefit from the above 


To support in care: elderly/ sick/ discharge patients of African heritage to make healthy and fun transitions to care homes or back to their homes 


To honour a living and spirit legend of African descent each year. 


Donate to cancer charities here and in Ghana. 


How to donate 

  1. Make a donation via the payment link below

  2. Purchase one of our products or services - At-least £1 from every sale is transferred to the foundation


If you would like to place a donation on behalf of a company please contact our team -


“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb

The Team

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