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Are you a Neo Native?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Well we know that wherever in the world you are, to be described as a ‘Native’ depends entirely on the place or circumstances of your birth.

But what if you find it difficult to define your identity in that way?

Would that be uncommon at all in our modern world? (Of course not...!)

Many of us identify with belonging to a place, without being born or having lived there or having done so, but not for a long period of time - and that’s what we call the ‘Neo Native experience’. In fact, that sense of belonging can be so strong that we choose to perpetuate the traditions or culture of that group through our language, style, fashion, music, art and so on.

We are informed by our history but express a new found narrative - A diasporan story of cultural duality.

Traditions have changed constantly through time, but are still relevant today if they remain authentic and truthful.

To support this, Neo Native Ltd provides a number of products & services which help to maintain the relevance of languages and culture as such, to ensure that they are represented properly in all forms.

Are you a Neo Native? Send your written or video stories* into us at for a chance to win a free place on one of our courses, workshops or a free book from our online store.

*With your permission we would like to document stories across our website and social media pages. Please let us know if you do not want us to do this.



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